Project and program management

Piko UK provides bespoke project management services. Through robust planning and strategy, stakeholder engagement, and management of time scope and cost we turn raw concepts and visions into tangible outcomes.

We believe that bringing together the power of an organisation’s networks and focusing them is the key to success.

Piko is a Māori word meaning change of direction. We’re here to help you navigate every bend in the road ahead of you.

Who we are

We’re an international company made up of passionate people who specialise in delivering outcomes and change. We have worked for SMEs, 3rd sector organisations, government agencies, political campaigns and community organisations.

Because of our experience across several sectors, Piko brings a wealth of knowledge and new ideas to your organisation. We get the big picture while also having a clear idea about what’s happening on the ground.

Most importantly, we don’t just deliver a project or campaign for you. We give you the tools to grow.

Creating change can feel like a daunting task. It can feel like the barriers and work involved is overwhelming. We’re here to help you take those crucial first steps and empower your organisation to take control of it.

What we do

We deliver bespoke project management using Prince2 and Agile tools.

We help your organisation plan projects by breaking down projects into stages.

We then manage each stage so the projects budget, timeframe and quality tolerances are kept to and your organisation achieves the change you require.

What we're thinking about

What's our take on the news of the day? What have we been learning from our work?

Keep on top of what Piko director Nick Kelly's been thinking about in his blog.


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